Martini bitter

Buona sera.

Wie meine aufmerksame Leserschaft bestimmt weiß, mag ich Martini on the Rocks^^

Bei einer Studentenwallfahrt nach Rom habe ich in einem Supermarkt eine „neue“ Martinisorte entdeckt und natürlich eine Flasche mitgebracht:

Martini bitter Aperitivo Originale Torino

Auf der Rückseite der Flasche ist ein Cocktailrezept, das mich ein wenig an Aperol Spritz (Aperol sprizz) erinnert.

Martini bitter
Martini bitter

Und was soll ich sagen: Der Name ist Programm!

  • bitter
  • bitter wie Hustensaft
  • bitter nach Kräutern

Ich mag ihn^^ und die Farbe ist voll toll…



6 Gedanken zu “Martini bitter

  1. You like cough syrup? Did something get lost in translation? – Here we have to go to a liquor store to purchase anything aside from beer (which is not sold at all grocery stores).

    1. :-)
      I like bitter drinks. So I like the Martini bitter. Actually, there are different types of bitterness, and the bitterness of Martini bitter reminds me of cough syrup… I don’t know whether I like cough syrup…
      (I bought the Martini bitter in a supermarket in Rome, Italy.)

      1. :) Cough syrup here is sweet and sticky. I find myself giving thought to what taste I like in a drink. I suppose it depends upon my mood. I don’t indulge often. Rome. You travel quite a bit.

        1. Hi, here there is child cough syrup that is sweet. But often, the adult cough syrup is bitter and strong.
          I was part of a pilgrimage to rome: it was overwhelming!

      2. michaelaschreibt is your Mrs? :) It seems as one – will follow too. Somethings with my translator don’t appear clearly. One of my school mates is in Corsica, she teaches English. Our language is a mess and apparently makes little sense in the way other languages put sentences together.

        1. :-) yes :-)

          I think every language has its special advantages.
          German for example, is somehow neologism-friendly and makes it easy to write beautiful (and long, complex) sentences.
          English, I guess, is able to express things straight and nice in short sentences.

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