WOLLERSHEIM WINERY Dry Riesling (Wisconsin, USA)

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Dear readers,

Riesling is the German wine par excellence. Furthermore, it is one of the absolute top grape varieties in the world. Thus, it is no wonder that Riesling is not only drunk all over the world, but also cultivated. The two poles, as Riesling is known in Germany, are in my opinion the stony, spicy, dry variety – for example from the Moselle valley – and the lovely, fruity pineapple version – for example from the river Rhine. Riesling wines from other countries sometimes only taste a bit like typical German Riesling. However, I will show you a Riesling from Wisconsin (USA) that has the character of a typical German Riesling!

I spot notes of fresh pineapple, grapefruit, and candied pineapple in the bouquet of the bright green-yellow wine. A short time later, honey melon, apricot, apricot jam, and mirabelle plum are added. The bouquet is complemented by more spicy notes of mead, lemon balm and hints of cucumber and hops. The white wine unfolds the typical spicy and beguiling Riesling note! When drinking the wine I taste a light freshness and sweet notes of pineapple, mirabelle plum, and green apple. The green apple can also be found in the finish.

The green, sweet notes together with the mix of pineapple and honey melon really let me enjoy this Riesling!


Wollersheim Winery
Dry Riesling
American Dry Wine 2014

Produced & Bottled by Wollersheim Winery, Inc. Prairie du sac, Wisconsin

alcohol 11% by volume